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MoviePass will now let you see one movie per day in theatres for just $10 a month

Netflix cofounder Mitch Lowe has a radical new business model for his startup MoviePass.

Source: Business Insider on 16/Aug/17

NEWSBlockchain-powered film and video rights startup launches fundraising campaign

Reducing film and video piracy by 80% within 10 years is the ambitious promise of Sydney-based startup Veredictum as it launches a fundraising campaign.

Source: Mumbrella on 16/Aug/17

Foxtel Targets 128 Torrent & Streaming Domains For Blocking Down Under

Foxtel has returned to the Federal Court in Sydney, Australia, with another application to have 'pirate' sites blocked in the country. In this round, the pay TV giant is requesting that 128 domains linked to movie and TV piracy are rendered inaccessible by Australia's major ISPs. The presiding judge today likened the process to "whack-a-mole".

Source: Torrentfreak on 09/Aug/17