No Drama?

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  • 06/Sep/16

No Drama?

Online comedy is booming. So where's the drama? Online comedy creators in Australia have a nice pipeline going. A number of shows started on YouTube and have moved (or will soon) to broadcast with the help of Screen Australia. The playbook for getting a comedy noticed is well developed now (Katering Show, Soul Mates, Aunty Donna). Little Acorns looks to be the next cab off the rank. Factual content has also developed unique forms online - I'm thinking here of Danger Dolan, Veritasium and The School of Life. The awesome Black As does a factual/drama hybrid. Now it's time to get drama going along the same track. {+}

Make money from indie films - Q&A with Chris Kamen

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  • 15/Sep/16

Make money from indie films - Q&A with Chris Kamen

If you've ever wondered how the heck you make money from an indie film look no further!

Chris Kamen is an independent producer and lawyer at Shiff and Co, who specialises in film and television. Most recently he successfully self-distributed the micro-budget feature documentary, Small is Beautiful.

He'll be generously sharing all of the juicy details about their budget, income and sales figures.

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Facebook Overestimated Key Video Metric

Big ad buyers and marketers are upset with Facebook Inc. after learning the tech giant vastly overestimated average viewing time for video ads on its platform for two years, according to people familiar with the situation.

Source: WSJ on 26/Sep/16

‘Everything’s OK’ Delivers A Bizarre, DIY Future

Much of the indie web series scene is centered around New York City, but I guarantee you’ve never seen the Big Apple depicted as it is in Everything’s OK. Ace Salisbury‘s new web series is a wild vision of the future, in which live-action and animation collide to form an energetic post-apocalyptic collage.

Source: Tubefilter on 12/Sep/16

Get the Most Out of Twitter's Video Monetization

..the folks over at Twitter have just announced the expansion of their creator revenue programs, which will provide you with the ability to monetize your content in a couple of ways and generate some serious new revenue.

Source: Tubular Insights on 12/Sep/16

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